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Jaina Solo 2 by ifihadacoconut Jaina Solo 2 by ifihadacoconut
Ok, just something I did last night after I got tired of reading (Still on Dark Nest I). I'd started to write down ideas for a post DN fan fic (kind of hard, but I'll just pretend that everything happens my way in the end of the trilogy :)) with an older, more world weary Jaina Solo. I still tried to incorporate the same face shape and eyes as I did in my other portrait of her, but I'm not so sure I stayed to close to the mark on that one. It looks more like I went with Leia's eyes and Han's face than the other way around.... lol. Yeah, comparing them now, I should've made her face a little bit longer. Ah well. Enjoy. Oh, and I started jotting down a few notes for the story and one of them was a description of Jaina as she bumps (literally!) into an old friend. We're just going to call him "him/he" for now so as to not give away too much before I write and possibly change my mind. lol. ;)

"Hey watch where you're - Jaina?!" He said, first angrily and then mixing in a hint of surprise.
He stepped back a bit and looked at her, hardly recognizing the woman standing before him. This was not the Jaina Solo that he’d fallen in love with so many years ago, but all the same, she was still beautiful - just different. She looked darker than the last time they’d met - He was sure that she’d not fallen to the Dark Side again, but her brandy eyes shone so hard that there might as well have been lightsabers poking out of them. Her hair was nearly black and looked as though she’d been getting it cut at the same place (or perhaps by) Kyp Durron. The only piece of the Jaina Solo that had once loved him was embodied in her clothes - a soft white tank top and brown utility pants - which gave the impression of a kind, yet adventurous woman.
Relarwen Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2005
I don't know who it is supposed to be, yet somehow I like it. I think it is one of your best ones. Only thing I could say needs work is the ear and her bust lines. Other than that to show you that you've done well I shall put it in my fav's gallery. ^_^ Congrats.
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